Maria Island

National Park

Maria Island is Tasmania's only island National Park. It is a very special place that is rich with convict and early settler history, famous for its distinctive geological formations and the accessibility to Tasmania's native flora and fauna. In fact Maria Island has been used as a sanctuary for Tasmanian Wildlife for over 50 years, with the introductions of wombats, cape barren geese and forester kangaroos (aka eastern grey kangaroos) in the 1960's and more recently Tasmanian Devils in 2012. Maria Island is fast becoming known as the best place in the world to see wombats, kangaroos and devils in the wildlife.


Maria's convict heritage is UNESCO World Heritage listed and pre-dates the establishment of the Port Arthur penal settlement by 5 years (est in 1825) and now represents the best in-tact convict probation station in Australia. The convict settlement at Darlington is the main location for visitor engagement on the island as Darlington represents three significant era's of island occupation between 1825 and 1930. Not only was the island home to Convicts, whalers and sealers in 1825, but Maria Island was also home to wine and silk production in 1880 and a large cement works facility in the1920s, all developed by a resourceful and gifted Italian entrepreneur. Maria Island ultimately became a sanctuary for threatened wildlife and a National Park in the early 1970s. It is a place of immense beauty, unique habitats and is home to Tasmania's most iconic animals. Visitors explore the island to disconnect from ordinary life and immerse themselves into Maria's isolated natural landscapes.

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