M.V Spirit Of Maria

Our purpose-built tour vessel is the only one of its kind in Australia!  M.V Spirit of Maria is a 12m Naiad powered by 3 x 300hp Suzuki outboards, offering all of the fun and adventure of similar tour boats, without the cold, wind and spray.  We call it champagne cruising on an adventure boat!  The Spirit of Maria is legally surveyed for 30 passengers however we only tour with 25 passengers.  This ensures ample room for every passenger.

Our boat is large and spacious and allows guests to move freely between two viewing decks.  These decks provide remarkable viewing when deep inside giant sea caves, underneath spring-fed waterfalls or when at rest having lunch.  The top deck gives a wind-in-the-hair experience and a total 360 degree view of Maria's stunning coastline.  The bottom deck provides shelter from the summer sun and also the wind and spray.

A generous buffet lunch is served on board the spacious lower deck.  Guests are able to enjoy multiple serves of a beautiful plough-mans lunch, prepared fresh on the day.  Cold drinks are poured and brought to your seat.  The ultimate in hospitality from a floating restaurant with revolving views.

Our bottom deck is very unique and unlike any other tour boat.  It combines the comfort of a fully protected sun lounge at the bow with an open rear section for getting up close to nature.  The aft (rear) seats of the lower deck can also be protected by a large drop- down window that is often used to protect the boat on the windward side.  This means guests can enjoy the sights with normal clothing in absolute comfort.  The large windows are always opened when conditions are good.

Our cruise boat also has a full sized, locking and flushing toilet with views that every other toilet can only dream of having!  There is plenty of room in the bathroom for changing into swim wear.  It is private and very comfortable.


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